Touching the Truth

Shifting into Clarity


Annie Zalezsak and Jacqui Cullen


Annie Zed and Jacqui Cullen began working together in 2001 running Clarity classes and workshops in East London and Essex, England.

In 2008, they decided to holiday in Portugal’s Algarve. Little did they know how special and spiritually evocative this area can be.

They returned in February 2011. This trip significantly changed their spiritual paths and understandings about life.


Annie Zed

Annie Zed grew up in a family that pursued spirituality and personal growth. Most of her career has been in creative communications. She is the author and designer of numerous websites and blogs. She is also the author of the book: We Are One Blood: Honouring the Body to Heal Itself.

Jacqui Cullen

Jacqui Cullen’s roles have included founder of FACE, Calming Minds counsellor, poet, author and spiritual teacher. Her aim is to assist all who are seeking change from within. She is the author of the book: The Other Side of Perfect.

Over the years, both women have learned diverse methods of healing and support techniques. Together, they have run Clarity classes and workshops.


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